Tuesday, May 5, 2009

T-Ball Madness--Spring is here!!

So much has been happening in the few months since I've updated this blog. I have done two 10K's in training for the triathlon's I'm doing in the next few weeks. We've been to a couple of Zoo's, there have been lot's of creatures hatching and being born around us. 9 of the 12 eggs in Finn's Preschool class hatched. The class Guinea Pigs had a baby, OOPS they thought they were two girls! AND, George is fostering Cinco a Golden Retriever who he is nursing to health (has heartworms) and hopefully we will be meeting Cinco VERY soon! Luke and Finn both have BUZZ haircuts for summer and it's really paying off on Finn's Baseball Game playing! Since his haircut he received his first GAME BALL of the season! Life is good here at the Dowe house!

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